Jesus and the Religious Leaders

Jesus has just fulfilled the law concerning witnesses. Despite this fact, there are some who are against Jesus for who He says He is. In this passage, Jesus tells them that they need to search the scriptures. The word “search” means a consecrated study or to pour over; to diligently investigate. [Mattoon’s Treasures, Treasures from John Volume 1 – Chapter 25. Consider the Witnesses, p. 170] This was an insult to those who considered themselves teachers of the Old Testament. How they skipped over those prophecies I do not know! Those same words testify of Jesus. Jesus says that they will not come to Him. These verses testify of Him.

As stated earlier in this chapter, the Father gave honor to the Son. Jesus says that He does not receive honor from humanity. Note verse34. Jesus keeps nailing their casket. He then says they do not possess the love of God in them. That is why they have rejected Jesus and His teachings. They are not humble like those that have received Jesus. They walk around piously proclaiming themselves to be learners of the Old Testament. They do not accept His Name. Jesus tells them that if somebody would come in their own name, they would accept that person.

They are honor seekers, and their honor comes from man. They do not seek the honor of God which is better. They want to be seen of men for their great knowledge. Who accuses them? Moses accuses them for their unspiritual life. If they had received the words of Moses, then they would have known who Jesus was. Jewish teachers regarded Moses as the central prophetic figure of their history. This would have caused them to accept the Messiah when He came. If they would have received Moses’ words, then they would have received the words of Jesus.



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