Lessons from A Little Lad

1. He shows us how much Jesus can do for so many with so little.

Little becomes much when you place it in the hands of the Lord!

2. He shows us that age is no barrier to Jesus Christ.

He uses a willing child to perform a spectacular miracle. Never feel that you are too old or young to be used of God. http://ref.ly/Mt18.3

3. God uses little things.

A baby moved the heart of Pharaoh’s daughter. God used a shepherd’s rod in the hand of Moses. In David’s hands He used a sling and a stone to defeat the enemies of Israel. He used a little maid to get the attention of General Namaan and direct him to Elijah. http://ref.ly/1Co1.26-29

4. The little lad demonstrates the importance of availability.

He was used of God because he was available to the Lord. When we are available, we show our concern for others with a “servant” spirit. The available person is approachable and endeavors to let others know he is available.

5. The land also teaches us the importance of preparation.

Because he was prepared, he was able to meet a need when it came up. The need came unexpectedly and unannounced, but the boy was prepared. Why? The boy had his lunch most likely because his mother prepared it for him. Little did that mother realize that the menial, everyday task of making a lunch would be used to touch thousands of lives. Beloved, your faithful, godly consistency could be used to win someone to Christ. Your study of the Word of God may help give counsel to someone in need. Be faithful in the every day, menial responsibilities that you have to perform.

6. The little lad also reveals to us that no one knows what can happen when you bring someone to Jesus Christ.

There is a tale of an old German schoolmaster who took off his hat and bowed to his students when he entered the class in the morning. One of the boys asked him why he did this. His reply was, “You never know what one of these boys may become some day.” He was right because one of those boys was Martin Luther.



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