John 6 Verses 52-57


What Jesus said next made the Jews angry. He said that the bread He would give would be His own flesh. His body would be given up as the perfect sacrifice for humanity. (verse 51). This leads to the requirement on our part to walk in faith concerning this and feed upon His flesh spiritually.  It seemed from His statement that He wanted them to become cannibals. This is another sign of their spiritual blindness and dislike of Jesus. Before Jesus could explain His statement, they had already judged Him by His statement. We are required to become a part of Jesus Christ. Jesus encouraged them to “come” to Christ. Those who come will never be cast out. Jesus told them not only would they have to eat His flesh, but they had to drink His blood. Those who would do this would obtain eternal life. Those who do so would dwell in Jesus, and He would dwell in Him. I like what Jesus says in verse 57. The living Father sent Him to full the commandments of the Father. Jesus lives by the Father. Whoever eats Jesus, the same will live by Jesus Christ.


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