John 6:38-46


Jesus had already discussed how He and the Father are one, and that He and the Father did the same thing. All things are doing according to the will of the Father. He adds that all those who will accept Jesus as Lord and Savior will not be lost. These dear souls would persevere through the coming tests and persecution. It is the keeping power of God that will take them through. God begins a work that He will complete in the lives of His people. This group of believers will be raised from the dead at the last day. This means the day of the Lord, when God will transform the world and inaugurate his eternal kingdom. He is determined to lose none that comes to Him in faith. He will not only refrain from expelling and rejecting anyone, but He is also resolved to keep them with Him and prevent anyone else from taking them from Him. This is how Martin Luther saw this truth. Luther’s Works, vol. 12, trans. Martin H. Bertram (St. Louis: Concordia, n.d.), 66.


The believer will experience a new quality of life now. Verses 39-40 say, Eternal life is a present possession. One final point before we move on. The fact that God has placed His own, eternal and everlasting life within us is evidence that his will extends to the way we live, think, act and grow now.


It should be understood that most Jewish people believed in human choice and God’s sovereignty. Those who have such a relationship with the Father would be able to recognize Jesus. Those who did not recognize Him would not have a right relationship with the Father. Notice that the Jews do not understand what Jesus is saying. Throughout Jesus’ earthly ministry, He is misunderstood many times. They complained to Jesus because He said He is the bread that came down from Heaven. From this point, they mention who His parents are. How could He say that He came down from Heaven seeing his father is Joseph? Jesus was speaking spiritually while they were looking at Him through fleshly eyes. Only those who are the Father can see Him. These Jews did not see who Jesus is. They did not realize that they were looking at the Promised Messiah.


Note Phil. 1:6 which says: “Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in your will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” God is determined to carry out His plan  in a Christian through this life until one of two things happen: death takes the believer, or Jesus returns to take him home. Romans 8:28-29 also speak of God’s present purpose in the life of a Christian.


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