Mounting Hatred

I want to discuss with you today, the mounting opposition that is coming against Jesus. It began with the scribes and Pharisees not recognizing Jesus. His enemies went on to asking Him where He learned the commandments. They called Him a Samaritan! That is like calling someone a dog! Now we see how it begins to escalate into strong hatred. They were against Jesus’ acts when He began healing people on the Sabbath Day. This hatred began to manifest itself even more when Jesus’ ministry drew crowds. Now that Jesus has said He is the bread of life from Heaven, you can just imagine how their hatred grew even more. Jesus had been teaching spiritual life lessons, and they hated Him for doing that. Everything these religious leaders taught was being called into question. These feelings were not hidden from Jesus. He knew the heart of man, and He trusted no one.

As we continue our study in John’s Gospel, pay attention to the mounting animosity toward Jesus. This will manifest itself in the final plans to arrest and kill Jesus.



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