Facing Spiritual Opposition


In this passage, we see that the people of Jerusalem begin to ask questions about Jesus. His words and actions arouse their curiosity. They ask the question as to whether He is the one who is sought to be killed. They note that if this man is the one who the religious leaders and others want to kill, He continues to speak boldly. Time is running out, and Jesus continues to speak with divine authority.

The message of the good news of Jesus Christ must be taught. No matter what kind of response is given. When God’s Word is delivered, whether teaching, preaching or witnessing, we should be prepared for negative responses. This is not always the case. There are times when the Word of God is responded to in a positive way. A soul is saved from the penalty of sin. We should strive for this result. When the response is negative, we should be prepared to stand firm and focused on what we are presenting.

Jesus knew that He would face opposition, but He kept going. We know we will face opposition, but this should not deter us from being effective witnesses for the Lord. I am reminded of a woman in a foreign land. She was pregnant when they arrested her. She had her baby in prison. They did not want her to remain a Christian. She told them that she would not recant. They tore out her tongue, and as the blood ran from her mouth, she pointed to Heaven giving the praise to the Lord anyway.

Can we do this? Can we still give praise, honor and glory to the Lord when we are faced with violence? That is something that we need to consider–even as Americans. Although the government and society are slowly tearing away at our religious freedom, can we still stand flat-footed in the midst of the heat? Do we know our Bible like the back of our hand? Can we quote His Word like we give our Social Security number from heart? I am ashamed to say that I do not know scripture that well, but I am working on it. Someday we will not be able to walk freely with our Bibles. We might have to meet secretly like others in foreign lands. Will we be ready to die for what we believe? I hope we will



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