Division Concerning Jesus

The Pharisees heard the people arguing among themselves about who Jesus was. Some believed in Him because of the signs and miracles. Others asked about Him being the son of a carpenter. Still others brought up the fact that He came from Nazareth, and could not be the Messiah. These statements brought about division among the people. Realizing they might be losing their power, influence, and control because of the faith of the crowd, the Pharisees and chief priests set out to nip the problem in the bud. Jesus was their problem and a threat to their position. Jesus ignored the arguments about Him. He made a statement that brought further division.  

John 7:34 (KJV)
(34) Ye shall seek me, and shall not find me: and where I am, thither ye cannot come.”

“You will look for me, and I will be gone.” What did Jesus mean by this? Jesus was pointing to His death on Calvary. He would be buried in a borrowed cave. They could not follow Him there. That is why those who heard it repeated it. This verse is connected with verse 33. There are two reactions to this statement. It is an awakening of belief by some while others respond with intense hatred. Jesus’ response to this situation serves as an example for us to follow.

I Am with You

The servant of God cannot be held back from his work or be killed before He has completed that which God has given Him to do. Whatever they may try to do, they cannot kill Him until the hour comes. He does admit that He will be with them “for a short time.” According to what commentaries say, it will only be about six months. This is the period between the Feast of Tabernacles in the fall of the year, and the Passover at which time Christ would be crucified in the spring. He could not be taken before the six months. Note John 7:30.

Note what Luther says about this: “Who is Christ’s protector? Who fends off his enemies?” [From Luther’s Works, vol. 23, p. 254] No one. Nothing is said about many thousands of mounted soldiers or about thirty thousand foot soldiers who defended Him. The hour was not yet at hand. The plans of His enemies were futile. Nothing or nobody can touch the believer unless it coincides with God’s explicit command and order. This includes the hatred and schemes of the devil.



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