Note 2: Discrediting the Witness


How would you discredit a witness if that individual’s testimony would bring you down? Here are some ways that you could approach their testimony.


You could eliminate the witness. You could have the individual killed. You could threaten the individual so that he would keep quiet.


You could seek to discredit the witness. If you could show that, the individual does not possess good character. Perhaps this individual has lied in court before. You could get people to discount what he has to say concerning your case.


You could seek to have their testimony thrown out of court on a technicality.

These are three lines of attack for anyone who is unscrupulous. These three attacks are used against Jesus. They sought to discredit Jesus Christ’s testimony he bore to men of God’s nature and of man’s need for salvation.

First, they sought to eliminate Him. The first attack came in the closing verses of John 7. They wanted to arrest Him–but it was not time.

Second, they tried to discredit him by throwing such doubt upon His character that no one would listen to him regardless of what He had to say. This was the object of the abortive attempt to trap Jesus in the incident concerning the woman caught in adultery.

Third, they wanted to eliminate the force of His testimony as the result of a technicality. They questioned His witness.



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