John Chapter 9 Verses 13-17

Since this was an unusual miracle, the people sent for the Pharisees so they could question the man. This is where the interrogation begins. These men were sent for because they were highly respected in religious matters. Such healing (unless life was in danger) broke the commandment concerning the Sabbath Law.

When the Pharisees question the man, he gave a brief testimony of the event. See verse 11. The Pharisees believed that since Jesus “violated” the Sabbath, He was a false prophet who sought to turn the people away from God. In their conclusion, they said Jesus is not from God. In John 9:24 they called Jesus a “sinner.” The other opinion stated that the signs were so impressive that a sinner could not do them. There was also the opinion that a false prophet could do deceptive signs. See 2 Thess. 2:9. This caused the Pharisees to be divided and

The healed blind man’s opinion was that Jesus was a prophet. Old Testament prophets sometimes performed miracles, which marked them out as God’s men.

I would like to take a deeper look at the Sabbath problem in the ministry of Jesus. This “problem” manifested itself early in Jesus’ ministry. The fact that this man was healed on the Sabbath was bad enough. This miracle added fuel to the already burning fire. Jesus had exposed their sinful ways. The fact that Jesus made clay was a wrong according to the Ten Commandments.

It was all right to practice medicine if life was in danger. It was permissible to keep the patient from getting worse. It was forbidden to do anything to make him get better. What you say? I know. Some other definitions of not working on the Sabbath are as follows: a doctor could not treat a toothache. A person could not put cold water on a sprain.

The final note on this miracle on the Sabbath day is the actual method of healing. The law clearly states that “as to fasting spittle, it is not lawful to put it so much upon the eyelids.” This meant that Jesus was guilty.

Final Thoughts

Jesus was guilty of breaking the Sabbath laws as the rabbis of Israel had constructed them. Jesus knew this, but He ignored it. These laws were man-made. Boice’s Commentary states the following: these laws “…were actually harmful. For they were means by which those who were fundamentally incapable of keeping God’s true law…buttressed themselves up in the conviction that they were doing all right as religious people, that they were going to earn heaven.” They were convinced that they did not need God’s grace. Since they were doing all right, they did not need a Savior. Therefore, they did not need Jesus. They could do almost anything they wanted to–so long as they did not violate the Sabbath laws. This is the reason why they were ready to kill Jesus for breaking the Sabbath.



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