Blessing Before the Storm


The people attempt to stone Jesus again, but He escapes. The hour of His death had not come. He goes to Jordon where John the Baptist had baptized people, and He stayed there for a brief time. When people found out where Jesus was, they traveled to that place. They testified that John did no miracles, but Jesus had done many miracles. Because of this, many believed in Him. This passage leads the student of the Word into chapter 11.

Further facts concerning the final portion of this chapter show that what There is a time to advance and a time to retreat. This is true regardless of the enemy. Jesus retreated from His enemies because it was not time for Him to advance in this area.

Jesus was not well received in Jerusalem. Time for His earthly ministry was quickly coming to a close. The gospel does not tell of all His movements during this time. He moved from Galilee to Jerusalem in the fall of His final year. This was during the time of the Feast of Tabernacles and It is presumed that Jesus had been there after that for most of the winter. His preaching was extensive making opposition grow. This was especially so among the Jewish leaders. Hatred and murder developed in their hearts at this point in time. The door to an effective ministry in Jerusalem was closing.

One of the earliest preachers from whom we have substantial writings is Chrysostom. He preached once on this portion of scripture. He commented on the fact that more women than men seemed to have received Christ’s teachings. He asked the question why was this so? He stated in his opinion that it was because women for the most part are at home during the day and have time to think, while men are so often entirely caught up in the world’s business. The author of “Boice Expositional Commentary gives this insightful but brief comment: “But I do know that there will never be blessing unless we take time to think about spiritual things.” I believe this statement is something we should ponder before continuing on. Spurgeon said it this way: “Surely heaven is worth a little thought if it is to be gained.” We must learn to be quiet; wait upon God.”



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