The Responses to the Resurrection

Mary and Martha were happy that their brother came back from the dead. There were those in the midst who were not so elated. In this lesson, we will study the positive responses along with the negative responses. I would like to point out that Jesus’ words and actions always elicited some kind of response from the people.

Scriptural Passage

For many Jews, this miracle was clear proof of Jesus’ claim. This caused them to trust Him. Others were hardened against Him. They walked in sin or confusion. With this attitude, they went to His enemies, and they told the religious leaders what He had done. This was a significant sign to the chief priests and the Pharisees. These individuals decided to call an emergency session of the Sanhedrin. They could not allow Jesus to continue His ministry. His influence was spreading too far, and too many people were turning to Him. They may have thought Jesus was some kind of magician who dealt in secret arts which deceived the people.

The council could not do what they were doing to deal with Jesus. Such actions as


-official disapproval


-counter teaching

were not working. The feared outcome would bring insurrection. The threat from the Roman government would manifest in the crushing of the Jewish revolt. Note that this is mentioned in verse 48. The temple and the nation would suffer lose.

Caiaphas was the high priest at the time of this meeting. Originally, the high priest held his position for a lifetime. The Romans were afraid to allow this. They were afraid that if they allowed this, the man would gain too much power. Men were appointed to this position by the Romans. Caiaphas had the office from A.D. 18 to 36. His contempt is expressed in his words. He accused them of knowing nothing. He spoke without fear. His judgment revealed that this man (Jesus Christ) must be sacrificed if the nation was to continue in Rome’s favor. The alternative to this judgment was destruction of the Jewish nation in war. See John 11:48. Their rejection of Jesus solved nothing. The Jewish people followed false shepherds into a war against Rome. This took place from A.D. 66 to 70. Their nation was destroyed.



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