Fear The Solution

“Get up!” said Gideon. “The Lord has given the Midianite camp into your hands.”


There is something that has changed. The change is found in Gideon. His words were divinely inspired. The stronghold in his heart had been destroyed! Gideon divides his men into three companies. Each man is given a trumpet and a jar with only a torch inside for the other. The army of God goes to war without weapons. They will fight an army of 135,00! They will stand in the strength of God alone.


Gideon tells his men to watch him, and follow his lead. It should be noted that these are not the words nor actions of Gideon when he was faced in the winepress. Gideon has become a courageous man. He is operating the strength and power of Almighty God Himself.


The men surround the Midian camp in the dark of night. They do as Gideon tells them.


When I and all who are with me blow our trumpets, then from all around the camp blow yours and shout, ‘For the Lord and for Gideon.” Judges 7:18.


The blast of the trumpets startle the enemy, and the smash of jars expose blazing torches that encircle the Midianites in a ring of fire. Absolute chaos breaks out in the camp. God the Father is the mastermind behind this attack. The battle is the Lord’s, and the victory is seen.


Whenever you find yourself in a fearful situation, remember Gideon. You are not alone. Rely upon the Lord’s presence in your life. Focus on His strength in your life. Claim and memorize the promise in Isaiah 41:10. Make this part of your life.


There is a key passage that you should read and reread. In the blackness of the night, the Midianites attack each other. Note Judges 7:22. Brother against brother, and friend against friend. What would you do if you were terrorized? What would you do if there were no “Gideon” around? He relied upon the Lord totally. The Lord was Gideon’s shepherd. Gideon was told from the beginning that the Lord was with him. When you are stricken with fear, read Psalm 23. Follow the steps presented with each verse. This Psalm is full of truths we need to focus on in order to have the victory.


Certain situations make it possible for you to only read the beginning verses of Psalm 23. Other situations call for us to read the entire psalm. Become familiar with this psalm, and listen to the voice of God when you refer to it.

Move to an undistracted place. When fear begins to fester in your heart and mind, exchange panic for peace by focusing on this psalm.

Find out if this imagined fear or real fear. Pray for God’s guidance in this area. He will speak to you, and tell you what to do.


Finally, trust God to give you the victory. Ask God to reveal the source of your fear. Allow Him to help you deal with the matter. When God reveals this to you, pray Psalm 23.


You must remember that you have the victory through the Father. He will never leave you alone. He will guide you through the tough times.



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