Final Responses


There is deep irony in John’s recognition in of Caiaphas’ words. Caiaphas points to the last sacrificial Lamb in a prophecy he did not even know he makes. Caiaphas, along with the other religious leaders, wanted Jesus to die. God used his words to serve as reference to Jesus’ substitionary atonement. Jesus’ death would abolish the old sacrificial system. He would fulfill all its types and shadows. The author of Hebrews bears witness to this fact. Jesus’ death was for the entire world not just for the Jews. His death and resurrection would bring about a new body as noted in Eph. 2:14-18; 3.6. The Sanhedrin would decide Jesus’ death.


At this time, Jesus withdraws Himself from Bethany to a village that is about fifteen miles or so to a place called Ephraim. It is a place for rest. It was close to the wilderness of Judea. It was a place for a possible escape.


Jewish pilgrims, on their way to Jerusalem for the feast, looked for Jesus. In John 2:13-25, He attended the national festivals. He publicly taught in the temple area. There was a question as to whether He would follow this same pattern. The large crowds kept looking for Him. The Bible Knowledge Commentary reads as follows:


“The religious authorities gave orders for anyone to report if he found out where Jesus was so they could arrest Him.”



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