Triumphal Entry Part One

Scriptural Passage

John 12:9-19

Part One


John 12:9-11


Jesus is so controversial that He cannot walk openly during the festival. In fact, He cannot walk openly anywhere! People are coming from all over the countryside to the Passover feast. They are seeking out Jesus to hear what He has to say and who He will heal. Because Lazarus is alive, many Jews now believe in Jesus. The chief priests plan to kill two people–Jesus and Lazarus.


John 12:12-13


Thousands of Galilean pilgrims will come to Jerusalem. This great group of individuals heard of Jesus’ miracles. Previously, Jesus has been considered to be a possible political leader. John 6:15. They are thinking the right time has come for this action to take place. Jerusalem is known as the city of the great King, and the King is coming! Jesus is that king or so the people believe. Waving their palm branches, they welcome Him. The palm branches are symbolic of victory. The people begin to shout “Hosanna.” In the Hebrew language, this means “please save” or “save now.” Note Psalm 118:25. Quoting Psalm 118:26, they ascribe messianic titles to Him: He who comes–meaning “the Coming One.” Note John 11:27. He is the King of Israel in the eyes of the people.



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