Greeks Part Three

John 12:34

The crowd was puzzled. If Jesus was the Messiah, He should be here forever. There is nothing (according to the Jews’ knowledge) that said He would die. Note Daniel 7:13-14 which speaks of the Son of Man and His everlasting dominion. Was there a distinction between the Messiah (Christ) and the Son of Man. Did the term “Son of Man” differ in its sense in Daniel 7:13? Jesus was predicting His own death. They could not see how this was possible if He was the Messiah.


John 12:35-36

The issue at hand was moral. The time of opportunity was limited. Jesus is the light of the world (John 1:4, 9; 8:12; 12:46. The day of His earthly ministry was coming to a close. Note verse 23. The darkness of night was coming in. Such evil powers would hold sway over people. The man who walks in darkness described the unbeliever who stumbles through life. This individual has no idea where life is leading him. and Their privilege was to trust in the Light (Jesus) and become sons of Light (,, and Jesus supernaturally disappears. See John 5:13; 8:59; 10:39.



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