The Holy Spirit Counselor

John 14:14-31

These chapters reveal the intimate thoughts of Jesus for His disciples. The days ahead will reveal the emotions and responses of these individuals. Some thought that Jesus would set up His kingdom at that time. They would discover that Jesus was speaking of a spiritual kingdom.


It had been three and one half years of learning, teaching and watching as Jesus traveled throughout the region. They would see men and women along with children healed and delivered from demonic forces. They would hear His words of love.


This portion of scripture covers the promise of the coming Counselor. Jesus wants them to know they will not be alone after He departs. He will minister to them as they travel throughout the world. He will walk alongside them giving them the power and boldness to speak as representatives of the new kingdom.


John 14:15

The disciples’ love for Jesus is shown in their obedience to His commands. Note vv. 21 and 23. Note also,, Christ has set the pattern of love and obedience.


John 14:16-17

This is the first passage of several passages on the Holy Spirit (Counselor, Spirit of Truth) in the Upper Room Discourse. Very little has been spoken concerning the ministry of the Holy Spirit. The words to Nicodemus John 3:5-8 were private and John 7:39 pointed to Pentecost. Notice John 14:26 and John 15:26. In a sense, He will replace Jesus’ physical presence; and He mediates God to believers. The Spirit is in the believer forever. Note He is the spirit of “the” truth. and He is invisible. The world cannot accept Him because it neither sees Him nor knows Him. He is real and active. The Holy Spirit is unnoticed by the unsaved. They do not have spiritual life. His working would be much more intimate at His coming of Him.


What was the reason behind Jesus saying that the Holy Spirit will be in them? During Old Testament times, the Spirit came upon believers for special enablement. After Pentecost He would indwell every believer permanently. The disciples did see Jesus after His resurrection. His resurrection is also the pledge of their resurrection. Because I live, you also will live. Note The foundation of a new life.



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