Depression Introduction

Check out these symptoms:


-Are you emotionally stuck?

-Are you muddled in your mind?

-Are you mired in your emotions?

-Do you feel isolated and alone?

-Are you afraid no one understands?


You are not alone–especially during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season. People from all lifestyles experience these feelings during the holiday season. I have in the past. This season will be like no other holiday because my roommate’s family has accepted me into their circle. Last season my pastor opened his home to me, and I was not alone. I am thankful for the people who are in my life, and I am not alone. This may not be the case for you and many other people.


Depression brings an individual under the black clouds of depression. Is there anything that can bring back the white clouds of contentment? King David was no stranger to depression. He discovered the answer. He learned how to exchange the darkness of despair for the light of hope. When he felt downcast, he changed his focus. He riveted his focus on the faithfulness of his Savior…his Redeemer…his God. Three times in three different verses, David asked himself the same question. Each time he followed with the same answer.


“Why are you downcast, O my soul?

 Why so disturbed within me?

 Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God.”

Psalm 42:5-6, 11; 43:5



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