Spiritual Connection Part One

John 14:20-21

Jesus speaks here of the divine revelation of the connection between the Father, Jesus the Son, and the body of believers. These are all in one. The individual who keeps Jesus’ commandments by believing in Him shows his love. The one who both keeps His commandments and loves Him shall be loved of the Father. This person will experience the manifestation of Jesus to him.


The Day of Pentecost will bring this manifestation to those in the upper room. This will reveal the ascension of Jesus to the Father. This is the believer’s assurance.


Christian love is manifested as a believer obeys the Lord’s words. (Vv. 15, 23). The rewards of loving Him are great:


(a) The Father will show His love (v. 23)

(b) The Son will love him and show Himself to him. This passage does not teach “works” religion, but rather than one who believes and obeys, Christ’s Word is loved by the Lord. Such a relationship between the Father and the child manifests itself by causing the individual to show this relationship through works. Saving faith results in obedience (cf. “the obedience that comes from faith,” Romans 1:5).


John 14:22-24

Judas (not Judas Iscariot) may have been the same man called Thaddaeus. This is not conclusive. See Matthew 10:3 and Mark 3:18. He was puzzled that Jesus would manifest Himself to them and not to the world. See John 14:19. Those who walk in disobedience shall not see the manifestation of Jesus and the Father. Obedience grows out of love for Jesus and His Word. (Note verses 15, 21 and I John 2:3; 3:22, 24. As a result, the Father and the Son abide make our home with him. To rebel against Jesus’ word is to rebel against God the Father who sent Him. Jesus’ words were not His own. He previously made this clear John 12:49 and 14:10



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