I am the Vine Part Two

A bunch of grapes from the vine is symbolic of Israel today. The extraordinary thing about this symbol as used in the Old Testament, revealed Israel’s degeneration. It does not speak of her fruitfulness. The vine has run wild, and it produces sour grapes. “What could have been done more to my vineyard, than I have not done in it?” God presents this question. Jeremiah terms Israel a “degenerate” and “strange” vine. Hosea calls her “empty,” that is, run to leaves. The eightieth psalm is set in the context of a plea for God’s renewed favor after the vine has been burned and the hedges broken down.


The vine planted by God is to be fruitful, but it is not fruitful. The contrast in Chapter 15 is Jesus Christ who is the true vine. He came from dry ground. He still grew up before the Lord as “a tender plant” http://ref.ly/Is53.2 He was despised of men, but he was perfect and beloved of the Father who, indeed, declared him to be his “beloved Son” in whom he was “well pleased” Matthew 3:17; Matthew 17:5; http://ref.ly/Mk9.7 and http://ref.ly/Lk9.35. Jesus is the One who brings forth fruit unto the Father.



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