God Cares About Everything in our Lives

I started reading in the Old Testament with 2 Chronicles. I have made it to Job 2. I am still impressed with what I read in Nehemiah 9. This chapter is a review of Israel’s history. Such individuals as Abram are mentioned. Such events as the Egypt incident are mentioned as well. Verse 19 says that even though Israel made a molten calf, in His “manifold mercies,” He did not forsake them. He brought them out, and brought them through their wanderings in the wilderness. As published earlier, I brought up verse 21 of Chapter 9, the fact that not even their feet swelled in the wilderness. Although I have read this before in passing, this verse really rang out to me. I had to stop and reread it before going on to the other verses in this chapter.

God the Father really cares about us—even to the swelling of our feet! This was a blessed point for me because my feet swell every day. It is wonderful to know that the Lord cares even about my feet!

We need to stop and thank God for the small as well as the great things that happen in our lives. He wants to be a part of everything that happens in our daily lives.


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