The Coming Spiritual Promise

As stated in the previous lesson, Jesus is preparing His disciples for His departure. This portion of scripture discusses the revelation that they will not be alone after He goes back to Heaven. It speaks of the “Comforter” which will guide and direct them.


Jesus deals with the fact that He is returning to the Father who sent Him. Note John 7:33, which states that Jesus told them earlier that He would not be with them much longer. John 12:35 records the fact that Jesus tells them again about His departure. He uses the word “Light,” which is descriptive  Him. In John 1:4, the writer says that Jesus is the “Light of men.” He says that they must be in the Light. In John 8: 12, Jesus makes an “I Am” statement. He proclaims that He is the Light of the world. Those who walk in the Light will not walk in darkness. The darkness spoken here is not natural but spiritual. When they do this, they will become the “sons of Light.” Note the word “light” is capitalized.  (The translation used in this instance is the New American Standard Bible [Updated Edition].) It is therefore, important to understand this word in the light of its context.


The Greek form is phao , which means “to shine or manifest, especially by rays.” Strong’s Talking Greek_Hebrew Dictionary.  The one who walks in the rays of the Son of God will know the Father. They will not walk in spiritual darkness. They will walk in the rays of the true life found in God alone.


Jesus addresses the sorrow they experience because of His leaving. In John 14:1, Jesus tells His disciples not to be troubled. He knew what they would experience, but there would be hope in the future coming of the Holy Spirit.  In John 16:22, Jesus tells His disciples that although they are experiencing grief right now, they will rejoice. He promises that they will see Him again, and they will rejoice.


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