In the Name of Jesus

John 14:14 says that if they ask anything in Jesus’ Name, He will answer it. In John 15:11, Jesus makes the following statement: The words that He has spoken in order that His joy might be full and their joy may be full

Up until now, the disciples of Jesus Christ did not ask anything in His name. After His Ascension, they would use His name in their prayers. Note, which speaks of the divine endowment to perform works like Jesus. The word “works” could refer to righteous deeds. Jesus’ works/miracles are multiplied through His followers. This is an invitation to radical faith.

When reviewing Jewish tradition from this perspective, some pious teachers could receive from God almost anything they asked. This was said to be the case because of their intimate relationship with God. This was not allowed to the majority of Jewish believers. Now those who would grow into an intimate relationship after Jesus’ ascension would receive this privilege. Because of this spiritual communication, the believers’ joy would be full.

The word “full” is translated from the Greek word pleroo, which means to be complete. Note

When it comes to ancient Judaism, it used “name” in so many overlapping senses that the context tells us more here than the background. When studying this in the Old Testament, this word often meant reputation or renown. When God acted “on account of his name,” it was to defend his honor. “In the name of God” could mean as His representative acting on his behalf. Exodus 5:23; Deut. 18:19-22 and Jeremiah 14:14-15. This means according to his command Deut. 18:5, 7, etc.




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