The Four Stages of Stress

Stage 1

No Light

Insufficient Stress

No motivation to move responsibly.

Stage 2

Green Light

Positive Stress

Motivation to move responsibly.

Stage 3

Yellow Light

Negative Stress

Motivational warning signs to slow down movement.

Stage 4

Red Light


Movement is stopped and repair is necessary.

Stage 1: No Light

When there is insufficient stress to move responsibly, you will find that the person…

-avoids responsibility

-has poor relationships

-is not productive

-has no energy

-experiences depression

-lacks perspective on life

Stage 2: Green Light

When there is positive stress, you will see that the person…

-faces responsibility

-has responsible relationships

-is productive

-is energetic

-is enthusiastic

-has fulfillment of purpose

-has a positive perspective

Stage 3: Yellow Light

The warning signs of stress are like the amber lights on a traffic signal: They caution you to be on the alert, to slow down and to be prepared for upcoming change. The physical warning signs of stress can be…

-tension headaches

-muscle aches

-heavy sighing

-high blood pressure



-loss of sleep/excessive sleep

-lack of concentration



Stage 4: Red Light

Burnout is certainly not God’s will for us. It may actually mean that we have not processed the stresses of life in a godly way. Instead of living at Stage 2, we become…

-overwhelmed by responsibility

-withdrawn from relationships

-minimally productive

-depressed (lack of enthusiasm)


-without perspective

-easily fatigued

-lacking the ability to concentrate





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