John 17 The High Priestly Prayer Part One

The High Priestly Prayer

This section will cover verses 1-2. Since this section discusses the subject of a high priest, I recommend you read Hebrews 7-9, which speaks of the position of a high priest in relationship with Jesus as high priest. It discusses a “better” priesthood, which comes through Jesus Christ.

The word “Father” is used in the opening of this prayer. It is used one other time here. The fact that this portion of scripture is entitled the “High Priestly “Prayer” reminds me of the first high priest in the person of Aaron. You may read the addendum on this topic entitled Addendum 1: The High Priest Position.

Notice in verse one, Jesus lifts His eyes toward heaven where the Father abides. In John 11:41, Jesus prays in this same manner. The time has come for the Son to be glorified. The NASB uses the word “glorify” two times. This word means to be exalted. Note the following verse taken from the NASB:

“And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.” John 12:32)

The Father and the Son will be glorified. Jesus will be glorified after His resurrection. His disciples would remember what He said and taught to them. Note also John 7:39, which mentions this as well.

Verse 2

The Father has given Jesus authority over all flesh. The word “authority” comes from the Greek word exousia which means “influence, liberty. It means power over persons and things. Other words that bear this out would be dominion and rule. When it comes to discussing “authority, in John 3:35, John says that because the Father loves the Son, He has given “all things” into Jesus’ hand.


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