The Betrayal and Arrest of Jesus Christ

John 18:1-3


The word “when” sets the time of the coming talk and events. Jesus has ended His prayer to the Father. Jesus travels over the ravine of Kidron to a garden called Gethsemane. He had visited this garden many times before. The word “now” means they have reached the garden. What we will read now is the conversation and events happening in the garden.

Matthew 26:47-56 gives more detail on this event. As stated in this portion of scripture, the place is called Gethsemane. Jesus tells His disciples to sit in a certain place while He goes to pray. (Matthew 26:36) In verses, 43-44, we see that Jesus left them to pray for a third time. When He returns, He finds His disciples asleep. (Matthew 26:45) Note the following statement made by Jesus to His disciples now:

“Behold, the hour is at hand and the Son of Man is being betrayed into the hands of sinners.”

Judas Iscariot is the one who shall betray Jesus. Please read Matthew 26:14-16, which records Judas going to the chief priests. He has a conversation with them. They will pay him thirty pieces of silver for the information, which will lead them to Jesus.

While Jesus tells them that the Son of Man is about to be betrayed, the individuals who have searched for Jesus arrive. (Verse 46). Judas shows up with the 600 men along with the chief priests and Pharisees (Matthew 26 uses the words “battalion, chief priests and elders.” (NASB)

In verse 48, we read that Judas gave them a sign. He would kiss the one who is Jesus Christ. (Matthew 26:48-49)  The group arrives with lanterns, torches and weapons. The group shows what is in their hearts when it comes to Jesus. They are of the night. Therefore, their deeds are evil. They show up with weapons as though Jesus will enter a battle with them. This shows the inner workings of the heart of this group of individuals. They had attempted to take Jesus earlier, but the time had not come for His arrest and death.



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