The High Priestly Prayer Part Three


Verses 5-12

Remember Jesus is speaking to the Father on His behalf. Through the following verses we see what else Jesus talks about. Jesus asks the Father to exalt Him back into the place where He was when He was with the Father.

Jesus then speaks of His earthly ministry that He has accomplished. He speaks of the glory He brought to the Father is seen in the form of obedience to death. Philippians 2:8. He repeats this request to the Father based upon the certainty of the finished work of Calvary.

The Father gave Jesus five things to do during His earthly ministry:


John 17:4


John 17:2, 6, 9


John 17:5, 24


John 17:8

A Name

John 17:11-12


This is what is so fantastic about the ministry of Jesus. He fulfilled all of the above. He spoke the words of the Father to those who would listen. They were spirit and life. Those words exalted the Father and the Son. For this reason, they were in fellowship and communion with the Father. They were obedient to keep the words of the Father. They believe that everything that Jesus has taught them came from the Father. They also believe that Jesus came from the Father. These believers were the Father’s and the Son’s.

Jesus says that He is not in the world, and neither are His children of this world. He asks the Father to keep them while they are in the world. Jesus knows what they will experience while they live in the world as believers of the true and living God. He asks that they be one as He and the Father are one. In other words, He desires that they have unity among themselves. While He was with them, the Father’s Name was keeping them. Jesus guarded them, and because of this, none were lost. Only the son of perdition was lost because he sold out to the enemy. The purpose behind this person being lost was for the purpose of prophetic fulfillment.







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