John 18 The Confrontation

John 18:4-11


In this passage, we see that Jesus faces His accusers with courage. He had told His disciples about this coming event. For this reason, Jesus had done a lot of teaching in the previous chapters of this gospel. These teachings became valuable to the hearers of Jesus’ final words.

In the following verses, we read of the conversation between Jesus and the Roman soldiers, the officers and Pharisees. When Jesus responds by saying that He is the one they are seeking, they fall back. This is because His words are so powerful. This reveals the majesty of Jesus Christ. At this point, Jesus asks them again who they are looking for. They give the same response, and Jesus says He is the one they are looking for.

A look at Peter’s response takes us to Matthew 26:33-35. Here Peter promises that he would die for Jesus. Here he thinks he could save Jesus, or die trying. He seeks to take off the head of the high priest’s slave, and He misses. Instead, he hacks off the man’s ear. In one of the other gospels, we learn that Jesus heals the man. He places the ear back in place. Note Peter’s response misses the plan of God. The Bible Knowledge Commentary states “zeal without knowledge in religion often leads men astray. Romans 10:2.

Verse 11 deals with the fact that earlier that same night, Jesus had rebuked Peter. See He rebukes him again. All that was happening was according to God’s plan. The statement Jesus made was a rhetorical question. It was designed to prod Peter’s thinking. Jesus intended to do the will of the Father.


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