Simon Peter: The Denial

Scripture: John 18:25-27


Jesus has been arrested, and He is taken to a midnight trial. Simon Peter and the “other” apostle have followed behind the crowd. The apostle John does not speak directly of himself in his gospel. He refers to himself three times in this chapter. He uses three phrases, which biblical scholars agree that he is speaking of himself.  These three phrases are as follows:

1.   Another disciple

2.   That disciple

3.   Other disciple

Peter is allowed to be near the door because John speaks to the individual who is in charge of the door. There is a crowd, which has gathered around a fire. Peter blends into the crowd.

At this time, a slave girl thinks she recognizes Peter as being a follower of Jesus Christ. Of course, Peter denies his relationship with Jesus. His denial is also recorded in verses 25 and 26. The rooster crows after Peter denies Jesus Christ for the third time. He remembers what Jesus said in John 13:38. Peter weeps when he hears the rooster crows.


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