Introduction to Worry

Worry is a destructive habit. It is so common that it is seen as natural as breathing. It is such a skilled and deceptive intruder that its victims don’t know they have been robbed of peace, of time, of mental energy and of emotional well-being.


“Worry is like a thick braided headband that puts pressure on the mind–a confining cord interwoven with three strands–the distresses of yesterday, the trials of today and the fearful “what if’s” of tomorrow. This vice-like grip of worry tragically compresses your joy, cramps your peace and confines your freedom. But this constriction can be conquered!”


June Hunt


Note: These lessons are taken from June Hunt’s work entitled “Biblical Counseling Keys,” which is a part of WordSearch’s database on the subject of counseling. It should be noted that these lessons are a condensed study of this subject.


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