Conversation between Pilate and Jesus The King

It is important for us to go over this conversation because Jesus talks about the kingdom of God. The Apostle Paul speaks to Timothy concerning the testimony of Jesus. I Timothy 6:13 He says that Jesus “made the good confession.” This confession is only mentioned in the Gospel of John. The synoptic gospels contain a five-word response of Jesus. These gospels record the fact that Jesus was asked if He were the king of the Jews. They report Him as answering the question in the following manner: “It is as you say.” Matthew 27:11; Mark 15:2; Luke 23:3. He is recorded as saying nothing else. What is recorded in John teaches us what a good confession is. It is not rude, rough or abrupt. It is not veiled in mystery. It is simple, kind and direct. Jesus treated Pilate with the respect due him because of his office. Christ addresses divine versus human affairs and of God’s sovereignty. This teaches us how we should speak of spiritual things and what we should say.

Further, this statement contains a definition of the nature of Christ’s kingdom in the very words of Jesus. They were spoken at an important moment in history.

Christ, A King

Whatever the appearances may be to the contrary, Jesus confesses that He is a king. Even though He was bound and beaten (Luke 22:63-65), He was entitled to be called a king.

What is true of the king is no less true of his kingdom. Note what Charles Haddon Spurgeon wrote concerning this over a hundred years ago:

“To this day, pure Christianity, in its outward appearances, is an equally unattractive object, and wears upon its surface few royal tokens. It is without form or comeliness, and when men see it, there is no beauty that they should desire it. True, there is a nominal Christianity, which is accepted and approved of men, but the pure gospel is still despised and rejected. The real Christ of today, among men, is unknown and unrecognized as much as he was among his own nation eighteen hundred years ago…Christ chanted in cathedrals, Christ personified in lordly prelates, Christ surrounded by such as are in kings’ houses, he is well enough; but Christ honestly obeyed, followed, and worshiped in simplicity, without pomp or form, they will not allow to reign over them…”

“We are satisfied that Christ is the king still where he wont to be king, and that is not among the great ones of the earth, nor among the mighty and the learned, but amongst the base things of the world and the things which are not, which shall bring to nought the things that are, for these hath God from the beginning chosen to be his own.” [Charles Haddon Spurgeon, “Jesus, the King of Truth,” Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit, vol. 18 (Pasadena, Tex.: Pilgrim Publications, 1971), 699]



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