The Predicament of Pilate

As we see from the text, Pilate became concerned about the punishment of Christ. The concern finds its foundation in the inspiration as located in John 19:7-8. Pilate was scared about Jesus’ identity. He held a fearful feeling that Christ might be somebody more than what He appeared to be. Pilate saw Jesus in a body that was bloodied, bruised and beaten. Pilate’s fear would be justified in time. Notice that Pilate asked Jesus where He came from. What was the lesson that Pilate should have learned here? When you mistreat Deity, you will get no answers from Deity. If you do not honor God, do not expect help from God. [Analytical Bible Expositor, John, John 19-A. The Court for Christ – 3. The Concern by the Court John 19:7, page 278] To dishonor God is to experience unanswered prayer.

Another problem that Pilate had was his inability in his concern. Note John 19:10-11. Pilate was told that whatever power he had came from God. He did not have the ability to condemn. Pilate did the will of the Father. God was in charge!

The conduct of Pilate was that of a coward. He lacked the courage to do what was right even if it meant going against popular opinion. Pilate had an underlying desire: he sought to release Jesus. John 19:12 Jesus’ influence on Pilate gave him the desire to set Jesus free. It should be noted that his desire was not that strong though. It failed in the face of Jewish opposition.

The Problem for the desire–The Jews. Pilate faced immediate opposition when he attempted to free Jesus.

The Politics for the desire–The Jews used politics to cower Pilate into crucifying Christ. His desire to please Caesar was greater than his desire to release Jesus. Next, we see the display of Christ. Note John 19:13-14. The “king issue” is thrown back at the Jews. Jesus was seen by Pilate as their king, and he was right. The Jews did not want Jesus at all. The display of Christ was a poor substitute for what Pilate should have done, which was release Jesus. Of course, as students of the Word, we know that God’s Divine plan had to be fulfilled.



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