The Trauma

John 19:31-34, 36-37


In John 19:31, it is revealed that the time of preparation had come. Because of this time, the Jews asked Pilate to break their legs so that they would die quickly. Therefore, their bodies be removed and buried the same day. They did not want these individuals’ crucified bodies to remain upon the crosses overnight–especially during their holy day of Passover. In the Old Testament, it is forbidden for a body to hang on a tree or cross overnight. See Deut. 21:22-23.

Now we need to discuss the piercing of Jesus. First, the cruelty of the piercing. The soldiers could not resist an act of brutality upon the body of Christ. This was only a continuation of their meanness toward Christ. Jesus was pierced in the side possibly with a spear. Second, the consequences of the piercing. Blood and water came out of Jesus’ side as prophesied in Psalm 22:16-17. Third, the error from the piercing. Those who say that Jesus only fainted, and He had been revived in the grave are liars. They are rejecting the truth of the gospel. Such unbelief is dangerous.

Calvary was not an accident in which God lost control to the cleverness of man. God was in control of everything concerning this event. Man was obedient to God’s plan.



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