Introduction to John 20

Summary of John 20

This chapter deals with the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The people involved in this chapter are:

  • Mary Magdalene

  • Peter

  • John

  • two angels

  • Jesus

  • the disciples

  • Thomas

The key word is resurrection which is found in John 20:14.

Reference Scripture: Matthew 28

The striking facts in this chapter can be found in John 20:31, which defines the purpose of God’s Word. It is the demonstration of the deity of Jesus Christ. It reveals the effectiveness of such a divine sacrifice upon humanity and its restored relationship with the Father through salvation.

This chapter concerns the complete glorification of Jesus in His resurrection. This record pauses for a moment to speak of that great Sabbath. It begins again with the greatest day in history. Both heathen and foes admit the fact of the death of Jesus. The argument comes into play when dealing with the resurrection of Jesus. The proof is revealed to all humanity, but it is not accepted by all. To admit to this fact is to say that they believe who Jesus is, and what His death, burial and resurrection has done for humanity. The evidence is overwhelming, but it is pushed off as nothing more than a myth. The reality of this event was experienced by several groups of people to whom Jesus showed Himself. People who had not been in contact with one another became true witnesses of Jesus’ resurrection. Unfortunately, the religious leaders along with Rome’s leaders cast it aside. They claimed that it was nothing more than a hoax which had been concocted by His followers. They claimed that these “witnesses” had planned this so-called event all along. What they had really done was remove the body of Jesus in order to claim His resurrection from the dead. An explanation was concocted which stated that the followers of Jesus had stolen his body from the sepulchre. Biblical scholars say that “many infallible proofs” were given. This is noted in Luke’s second letter to Theophilus in Acts 1:1-26. It brought about the irresistible conviction as to the reality of the Resurrection.

Places such as Palestine, Phoenicia, Syria and Crete saw the development of communities which rose up based upon the faith of those who believed in the reality of this event. The redeemed said so. It should be noted that the resurrection fact was preached in Galatia, Macedonia, Corinth, Rome and Babylon before the gospels were written on parchment. The gospels and the Book of Acts provided five independent series of evidence to the revelations which the apostles and apostolic company received concerning the nature and quality of the new life in Jesus Christ.



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