Mary at the Sepulchre

Mary was the first to come to the sepulchre. Her history is obscure. She was once a habitual sinner against the seventh commandment. There is no evidence of this. Scripture does give testimony that the Lord had cast “seven devils” Luke 8:2. Her gratitude knew no bounds. None seemed to have loved Him so much as Mary did. None felt that they owed so much.

What about us? Do you and I care this much about Jesus? Could you and I have gone this far in our devotion and loyalty to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ? Sometimes I think we need to search our hearts concerning our devotion to Jesus Christ.

Jesus was buried in what we would call a family plot. When these caves were purchased, they were set up for the burial of family members. It was a generous act on Joseph of Arimathaea’s part to place Jesus’ body in his family sepulchre. This shows how much Joseph loved the Lord. History says that these “caves” had eight sepulchers in them. Jesus’ body was placed in one of these sepulchers. Oh how much Joseph of Arimathaea loved Jesus!

The Rewards of Such Devotion


To Mary we find the historic and physical revelation of the risen Savior along with the spiritual establishment of all her hopes here and hereafter. Jesus was gladdened in soul as He witnessed the sorrowful fidelity of this humble woman of God. He was driven to say her name revealing His triumph over death. This was the direct reward of her manifested devotion and loyalty. It should be noted that devotion compels revelation as love compels love.  Such acts are open to revelations concerning the faith that is shown. Spiritual hope blooms in spiritual truth. Revelations of unused and unsuspected powers are waiting upon single eyes and surrendered souls. The tears are shed beside open graves, and the sorrows which burden our hearts shall all be forgotten in the joy of His presence and the sound of His voice. [For further information, please search for William H. Davis.]


The Sepulchre

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is very important to our salvation. If Jesus had not been resurrected, then our faith and salvation would be worthless. Paul bears this out in I Cor. 15: 12-23 where he says that if Christ be not risen, then our faith is in vain. We are putting our trust and confidence in an event that did not happen. Please see my separate entry on this scriptural passage entitled “The Connection Between Jesus’ Resurrection and Our Salvation.”

The Sepulchre

Jesus was buried in a rich man’s sepulchre.  This fact did not matter because He would not be in it for long.  As we can see from the text, this rich man’s burial place was hewn out of some rock on his own ground. It would be like a cave where relatives were buried. It would be what we call a “family plot.” To those who entered the sepulchral cave, those who carried the bier would enter the first floor. They would sit down the bier into the sepulchre. There would be a place that was hollowed out. It would be a hollowed out space, which would be four cubits deep where the dead would rest. From this information, we can glean many matters concerning Jesus’ place of burial. The women entering into the sepulchre saw a young man sitting on the right “side”: in the very floor immediately after the entrance into the sepulchre. Note Mark 16:5. Once they got inside, they sought to find His body, and it was not there. Note what Luke 24:3 says:

(Luke 24:3)  “And they entered in, and found not the body of the Lord Jesus.”

While they bowed down their heads in sorrow, Peter ran to the sepulchre, and he had to stoop down in order to look inside. He was confronted with the linen clothes and no body. At the head and the foot where Jesus’ body had laid were two angels. [For further information, you can Google J. Lightfoot, D.D. for more insightful information concerning ancient burial sites