As most of you know, if you’ve read my bio, I do a lot of reading and writing. Well, last Friday I was preparing to study the Righteousness of God. I had been studying Romans 4 that week. My pastor stopped by to surprise me with some dinner he had prepared for me. It was delicious!

After eating the hot meal, I decided I’d start work on my lesson. I reached for my hot coffee and placed it on my table next to my laptop. I guess you know where I’m going with this. Yes. Somehow I hit the bottom side of the coffee spilling it on my computer. The hot coffee spread all over my table and onto the floor and on the side of my bed. I had to call my CNA for help. I quickly lifted up my laptop wiping off the keyboard and laying it face down on my bed. I didn’t care about my bed–only my laptop.  She was very kind to me. She cleaned everything up for me.

After everything was cleaned up, I sat down to consider what kind of damage I had done to my beloved laptop. Well I was deeply wounded because it did not want to work. It did. Then it didn’t. Then it did. Then it gave up and so did I.

I was disconected from my online community. I was disconnected from my work on the Book of Revelation. I was disconnected from my e-mail. I was disconnected period. I found myself with all this time on my hands. You see when I’m not online, I’m typing up research on chapters  from the Bible. I was lost.

Now the reason that I am sharing this with you is not so you will feel sad that I’ve been off the net since Friday. No. I have something else in mind. How would you feel if you were disconnected from the Lord? How long would you be able to be away from Him? What you do in order to reconnect yourself to Him? How fast would you work to get your connection back? What would be your mindset? Oh well. I will eventually get connected again. Or would you be like the song that says “I’m desperate for you?” Would it be a life and death situation? Don’t answer too fast. Be honest with yourself. How valuable is your connection with your Savior? How desperate are you to stay connected?


One thought on “Disconnected”

  1. Great analogy! Yes you are right that it is such a blessing to know we can come to our Father at any time, day or night. I hope you get your laptop fixed soon so you can carry on with life. But I know in the meantime, you’ll learn loads out of this ‘slowing down period’ and we’ll subsequently be blessed with many wise blogs once you’re back up and running.


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