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Why We Might Not Want to Live Without Suffering

I have to share this because sometimes we forget what the purpose of pain is in our lives is. This says it all.

Brandon J. Adams

The other day, I learned the physiological mechanics of a mosquito bite.


Some of you might have seen the same animated video that I did as it makes the rounds on Facebook. I learned that it’s really all about the mosquito’s saliva (ick) – it acts as both an anesthetic and anticoagulant, allowing the female to get the blood she needs (what a wonderful provider God is!….I think…).

Then the video concluded with an interesting point: the actual swelling and itching of a mosquito bite isn’t directly caused by the saliva. It’s caused by the body’s immune  response to the bite. The saliva is an allergen, which triggers antibodies to attack the foreign intrusion, and that causes the swelling and itching we’re all familiar with as we writhe around upon the grassy ground, scratching like gangbusters.

I was reminded of other bodily responses. A lot of symptoms we experience…

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Launch of Study of Revelation

I am excited to announce that I have published my blog on the study of the Book of Revelation.  I am presently working on Chapter One. I am sure that you will be excited by the addition of charts, maps, and illustrations in this study.

The blog address is:

I look forward to your comments and questions!

Study in the Book of Revelation

For those of you who noticed that I announced that I would be discussing the Book of Revelation, I would like to update you on this. I stopped writing my lessons on this book because I was not sure whether the Lord really wanted me to use what I previously taught, Sometimes the Lord wants to give His children a fresh word. In view of this, I have been praying about it, and the Lord has led me to begin researching the Book of Revelation in a new way, The presentation of the discussion will be nothing like my previous notes. The new presentation will include charts, illustrations and perhaps maps (as the Lord leads me). I am excited about doing this.

In the upcoming days, I will be deleting the present blog and creating a new one. When the new blog is created and available, I will let you know its name and the address, I look forward to sharing with you what the Lord will be revealing to me along with the resources available for your personal use.

New Book Study

I hope you were blessed by our journey through the Gospel of John. I hope you will join me on the next journey through the Book of Revelation. The link for it is I hope it will bless you also. Don’t forget if you have any questions, talk to me. I’ll be glad to answer them.


I’ve been so busy teaching Sunday School that I haven’t had the time to complete the Gospel of John. Then I was sick for over a month…from Thanksgiving until December 24th. Then I was trying to finish teaching the Book of Revelation. I plan to have a blog with these lessons on it.

Please look for the update some time this week on the Gospel of John.

Thanks and Blessings…Pam

Answering Thomas’ Question

Here we see that Thomas was not among those who experienced Jesus’ visit. Scripture does not tell us why he wasn’t there. This may the reason why he was slow in believing Jesus’ resurrection. As a result of this, Jesus lovingly appears when Thomas is among the disciples. The other disciples told Thomas of Jesus’ appearance, but Thomas had to see it for himself. I commend Thomas for his stance on this subject. He wanted to know for himself. How much better that his question be answered by the revelation of truth. We should take notice to this in our lives as believers. How much more would our Father God be so willing to answer our questions. Then our faith would be built up even more. Another thing that we should notice is how Thomas makes his statement. He says “except I see…” They may have told him of their experience, but it held no weight for him. He wants to “touch” and “see” for himself the nail prints and the hole in Jesus’ side. How much more should we be encouraged by his request. We are more blessed because we believe by faith and not by sight. Notice the word “unless.” Once again, Jesus speaks peace to them. Then Jesus directs Himself to Thomas. Jesus tells him to just believe. Thomas did not that.

Eight days later they were all gathered together including Thomas, and Jesus shows up again. This time for Thomas’ sake. Oh how He loved Thomas! Thomas saw and believed. He called Jesus his Lord and His God. This is the first time we see these titles attributed to Jesus. This points to the divinity of the Son of God. Psalms 118:28 John 5:231 Timothy 3:16 Jesus then approves Thomas’ faith.